Things to be aware of when farming salmon

quid is a kind of fish that lives in the sea all the year round. It has a very good market prospect. However, the technology of artificially cultured squid is not mature enough. Therefore, the scale and output of squid have not changed much. Today, Taishan City Gongrong Food Co., Ltd. talked about the things that need to be paid attention to when planting carp.

First: selection
The price of squid is still relatively expensive in the market, so everyone should be very careful when starting to choose the seedlings, and try to minimize the cost of breeding squid. Excellent fry is the beginning of success. Choose a good fry. There are several items for your reference: the specifications are relatively neat, the body is relatively full, the skin is very smooth, no disease or injury, relative personality is active, and eating ability is compared. Strong, physically strong, the fish back is blue, and the fish belly is white. Frying with these conditions will increase the survival rate of breeding.

Second: water quality

Squid is very sensitive to the quality of water, so everyone should always monitor the water quality when breeding. Generally, we will choose to use cages in the offshore waters to keep the water temperature in the range of 8 to 30 degrees. The flow rate should not be too fast. In addition, the ratio of sea water is important in the range of 0.1 to 2.0. If necessary, add a point of oxygen in the sea water or use chemical products to regulate water quality.

Third: density

The culture of cockroaches is also a key point. Different carp species need to adopt different breeding densities, and the density of stocking is also related to the size of squid. Usually, one small square of squid can breed 150, while black carp can reach 500 per square meter. In addition, after a period of breeding, it is necessary to enter the box culture according to the growth condition and strength of the squid, which will be more beneficial to the growth of the carp.